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The Honeys.

Comfortable in your skin. Confident in what you wear. Ethical clothing Australia.

Be yourself, express how you feel, love who you are. Support ethical clothing brands Australia.

We see beautiful women all around us. Young, old, petite and curvaceous - some women really know their beauty. And they share it with the world. Many have forgotten how radiant their inner loveliness really is. 

When a woman knows how truly beautiful she is, inside and out, she glows. She brings such a sweetness to the world. 

That is why we created the Honey Hunt Style range - to flatter women of all shapes and sizes. Women who want to feel comfortable, look great and support their local designers, seamstresses and fabric printers. We wanted to create one of the best ranges of ethical clothing Australia.

Designed in Byron and made in Australia, our yoga leggings, patterned skirts and dresses are intricately tailored and cut to fit the small and large curves of women’s beautiful bodies. 

Honey Hunt Style is dedicated to you, to all women and girls, to honeys everywhere. So please support us, buy local - support a genuine, growing activewear brand Australia.


Every woman is a honey and deserves to feel like one. 

With love

Jules Hunt and Rosabella xx

Creative Designer and

Founder Jules Hunt.

All my life I’ve enjoyed creating works of art. The fabric designs for the leggings, skirts and dresses directly capture the exact tactile designs on my original ceramics and paintings. The whimsical floral watercolours seen on leggings and skirts have been created by my talented daughter Rosabella. 

Rosie and I created Honey Hunt Style, as an authentic ethical clothing brand, with a vision to dress the outer woman in colour, pattern and design, and nurture the inner woman with self-care and self-love. 

Could there ever be a better purpose for art? My ceramics, sculpture and photography are exhibited in London, Macau, New York, Melbourne and more, but my deepest joy is seeing my artwork adorning the bottoms, legs and bodies of women everywhere and to see their beauty radiating from within.

With Honey Hunt we share our dreams of beauty and creativity with you. Our offer to you is simple: making ethical clothing online and sustainable clothes Australia easy and affordable.

We’d love to see all you honeys everywhere feeling good about yourselves.

You’re a gorgeous honey.

To all you gorgeous honeys. May we embrace our beautiful bodies with self-love and self-care, now and always.

Join our sweet hive.

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