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Not all fashion is created equal

Important Considerations


Best and comfort

Why Us?

Our offer to you is simple: making it easy to buy well made clothes that last, are beautiful to wear, with the most comfortable flattering fit. AND you support Australian Made.



We believe in finding solutions to improve the environmental and social impact of our collective activity.

Making considered choices when you purchase, it slow-fashion and locally made, which leads to lowering your environmental footprint.

All our stretch skirts and our eco-towels are made from Recycled polyester textiles- materials made from recycled plastic bottles, which in-turn diverts plastic from landfill. The production of recycled polyester requires far fewer resources than that of new fibers and generates fewer CO2 emissions. Under the Global Recycled Standard (GRS), our recycled polyester is required to align with chemical restrictions and best practices for social and environmental responsibility. The Oeko-Tex100 Standard means that materials must be free from chemicals and substances that could harm human health or the natural environment.

Our goal is to close the loop. What does this mean? Closed loop recycling is the process by which waste is collected, recycled and produced to make something new. Effectively, the waste does a full circle without having a negative impact on the environment.


Your leggings carry bag is from the excess fabrics normally be considered waste. Instead we have customised it into a matching pouch that is great for travel or to carry you tights into when visiting gym, yoga or for gifting.


All post parcels you receive your fashion in are compostable, zero-waste packaging. Even the freight label is compostable!



Our fabric mill has Ethical Work Environment Certification. We only work with Australian printers and seamstresses, who are paid a living wage and in turn create your fashion with care, consistency and attention to detail. Together we support their livelihoods, ethically, by purchasing Australian Made.


Our printers, a family owned business, are Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA) accredited and committed to providing fair wages and good working conditions for all workers in the supply chain as do our seamstresses and here at Honey Hunt.


You directly support skilful Australian makers, mostly women!! involved in creating your leggings, skirts, tops and towels with Honey Hunt which is core to our ethos.

Australian Made - PROUDLY!

Yes! We are proud to be Australian Made and will shout it from any rooftop.

When you purchase Australian, you support Australia – you create jobs and economic activity while enjoying products made to the highest standards in the world.

We believe in the importance of slow-fashion and being an Australian Made and owned business.

We are proud to support jobs locally and genuine small scale designer clothing manufactures who create your high quality garments with consistency and care.


Leggings - Our textiles meet the highest quality standards with cross and lengthwise stretch giving the perfect amount of comfort and mobility with mild compression for all day comfort. The breathability is exceptional and our velvety soft knit fabric is no-show, squat proof…perfect for yoga, pilates, active and in-activewear all day wear. Your tights are recyclable and can be repurposed into new fashion.


Stretch skirts -  Made from recycled polyester, this fabric is cool and comfortable all seasons with wicking properties, releasing moisture. The Microban® antimicrobial product protection keeps the fabric cleaner and fresher longer and helps release most stains in the wash. The drape of this fabric is superb.


Eco-towelsalso made from recycled polyester fabrics with many exceptional properties- quick drying, super absorbent, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, compact, light weight and sand free. Perfect for beach, bath, swimming and gym.


THE best fit…what’s in a gusset?

All women come in different shapes and sizes. We know that there’s a science to leggings…especially yoga tights, so we’ve created the most flattering and comfortable fitting tights you’ll ever wear, intricately cut and tailored to beautifully shape EVERY body!!

The gusset, key to the tailoring, prevents the dreaded “camel toe” making the fit perfect on your beautiful thighs, hips and backside! Our waistband is double thickness to holding in yummy tums with the elastic inner top preventing any “roll when you touch your toes”. AND our white background fabrics won’t show your undies as they are squat-proof fabrics.


Size Inclusive

Petite, pair, curvaceous, bosomy - we design and create for real women’s beautiful bodies supremely comfortable clothing so you can shine your inner beauty. Feel fabulous, look gorgeous.

Our sizing ranges from 6-18, sizes XS-XXL.

We believe inner beauty radiates effortlessly when we feel good about ourselves. 

Every woman is a honey and deserves to feel like one!


YOU - How do you feel about your body?

We meet a lot of women and hear how so many of us have issue with our bodies, it’s been ingrained in us by society, the media who knows? Deep down we know we deserve to be kind to ourselves and our bodies.

The mantra we’d love you to take on is “You are a honey”. Yes, it's cheeky - it's our reminder to you, all women, girls and ourselves. You'll find this message on the inside of each waistband, a memo to self along with the empowered Queen Bee logo on the ankle of your leggings.

Our wish for you is to feel great on the inside while looking gorgeous on the outer.


From creative to freight, we've put thought & consideration into every detail to bring you the highest quality, best fit & THE most comfortable wear.

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Fabric comfort
Ethcally made fashion
Austalian Made Fashion
Size inclusive women's clothin
Positive Body Image
Our cretive story

From art to apparel. 


Creative Designer and
Founder Jules Hunt.

We share our dreams of beauty and creativity with you. This is where ART meets FASHION with each pattern created from our works of art all with their own unique stories. We want you to express your style with confidence.

All my life I’ve enjoyed creating art and craft. The fabric designs for the leggings, skirts and dresses directly capture the exacting tactile designs on my original ceramics and paintings

Each design has a special story, coming from my heart and my dreams (literally). I created Honey Hunt Style, as a wearable art fashion brand, with a vision to dress the outer woman in colour, pattern and design, and nurture the inner woman with self-care and self-love. 

Could there ever be a better purpose for art? My ceramics, sculpture and photography are exhibited in London, Macau, New York, Melbourne and more. But my deepest joy is seeing my artwork reimagined as funky clothing, adorning the bodies of women everywhere and seeing their beauty radiating from within.

Daughter and Watercolour Designer Rosabella.

May we embrace our beautiful bodies with

self-love and self-care, now and always.

Express your style with confidence & your inner beauty will radiate effortlessly.

Jules Hunt – Founder and Creative 

The whimsical floral watercolours seen on leggings and skirts have been created by my talented daughter Rosabella when she was 16. She has now begun her studies of Visual Art at university and will continue to create for Honey Hunt.


I am so proud of Rosie, she is an inspirational young woman who radiates love, humour and sunshine to all. Her creative journey has just begun!

With Honey Hunt we share our dreams of beauty and creativity with you.​ We’d love to see you honeys everywhere, feeling great about yourselves.

Rosabella & Jules - Creatives 

Honey. Where does the name come from?

Before Rosabella was born we had many beautiful names for her & one of my favourites was Honey. This didn't get consensus so Rosabella it was... and the perfect name it is for her our beautiful rose.

When it came to creating my brand what better name to give it, HONEY! Combined with my surname Hunt, my third baby was born HONEY HUNT and with this I share my dreams of creativity with you.

Jules xx


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